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About The Release

The moderns science and eastern philosophies prove that the consciousnesses creates the reality. Therefore it is important to focus our mind and soul to positive things, which make our lives happier and fulfilling.

This is reflected in our music. The album Daydreamers implies that we control our lives and we are fully responsible for it. Let’s dream awake, because without dreams and goals the life is empty.
Universe is the highest platform of the unity, which attracts and connects all beings by power of love on transcendental level. We are able to reconnect with the Source and that is the point: Peace, Love and Unity.

Album contains 10 + 1 bonus peaceful chill out tracks, which are based primarily on the following main pillars: live vocals, own-recorded sounds from nature, orchestral elements and electronic music. It is saturated with mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere that helps to get our mind into its most creative states: Alpha and Hypnotic(a). The spiritual undertones of texts originate from the deepest love and are focused on the beauty of nature and life.


released August 15, 2020

Produced And Written By: Tomáš Tomovč and Emerencia
Audio Mastering by Zsolt Peter
Artwork by Alexandru D. Melusine Records


all rights reserved


Artist: Alpha Hypnotica
Genres: chill out, Downtempo