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About The Release

Blisswave is the creation of electronic music composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Michele Leonard. The name Blisswave comes from the idea of blissing out on a sound wave, and the notion that sound can transform consciousness. Taken even further, it is the idea that the world is sound, “Nada Brahma”. All is energy and vibration.

Combining the ancient with the technological and futuristic to explore the depths of the ambient genre, Blisswave’s new album Manvantara evokes a sense of mystery and otherworldly, often cinematic soundscapes to take listeners on a mystical journey into the far reaches of the imagination.


released July 3, 2019

All tracks written, recorded, mixed and produced by Blisswave/Michele Leonard.

Website: www.blisswave.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/blisswave.music
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/4KQq88hcbGKLSscYOeud1R
Twitter: twitter.com/music_blisswave
Instagram: www.instagram.com/blisswave.music/
Bandcamp: blisswave.bandcamp.com

Mastering: Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)


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Artist: Blisswave