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About The Release

‘Inscape’, a reflection of the unique inner nature of myself .

Happiness – Starting as an ambient, alien sounding cinematic soundscape, this composition gently evolves as it rolls over itself into a moody, lofi trip hop track, intricately dissected by jungle breaks & neuro basses followed by an ethereal breakdown featuring a live bass guitar riff to keep the humanism, this gradually builds to become more cinematic and then flows into a more powerful tribal like second drop.

Introvert – This composition explores how introverts are often the most beautiful & complex beings on the inside, even if it doesn’t show at first, and the more you get to know them, the more they open up, revealing even more layers.

Before – A message from an ancient civilization from a distant future. .

Acceptance – .. as if you have just come to accept all aspects of yourself and have reached pure contentment.


released June 16, 2020

Mastering :
Zsolt Peter


all rights reserved


Artist: Boketto
Genres: chill out, Downtempo