Acenstral Lullabies 2

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About The Release

EAT STATIC will count to 4
ENTHEOGENIC will reach up high,
ATATI, wink one eye,
GALAXY DROP, put away your shoes
IOON, that will do
SUDUAYA touch your nose,
SUFI’S LIFE, touch your toes
VLASTUR climb in bed
E-MANTRA rest your head
MAHA SUN covers to your chin
ANCIENT CORE will tuck you in
REASONANDU make a wish
SARANANKARA a good night kiss
MYSTIC VIBES turn off the lights
LOGICAL ELEMENTS say good night
NIBANA will count the kites
ANAEL RA will stay tunned,

Cause we are coming to sing you another magical lullaby ! <3

When pure intentions meets the sound of great music,
an amazing compilation is created for the greater good! <3

When we, at Ancient Core decided to help the Gavroche Orphans Center here in our home city of Cluj,
we found out quickly that we are not alone in our wish to offer help to the less fortunate.

Some of the most amazing chillout artists, who we love so much, generously offered us a helping hand!

Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: 09/02/2019
Genres: chill out, Downtempo