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After a decade of production and international performances on the downtempo psychedelic circuit, the electronica project Ancient Core is releasing their debut album on Melusine Records.
“GUIDELINES” is the culmination of ten years of collaborative work exploring and pushing the boundaries of psychill/psydub by two Romanian musicians, Mihai Cadar and Alex Bodochi. The Transylvanian artists have synthesized their wide-ranging musical and artistic backgrounds with their experiences in the electronica scene over the last 20 years to create an album that is exquisitely beautiful, emotional, funky, and psychedelic.With ten tracks that range from groovy/dubby/funky to lyrical/mystical/etheric and everything in between, “GUIDELINES” features a variety of harmonic, structural, and rhythmic elements in a meandering, exploratory journey for the psyche and senses..
Peace & Love! Mihai S. Cadar


Artist: Ancient Core
Genre: Downtempo