Ancestral Lullabies III

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About The Release

When pure intentions meet the sounds of great music, a wonderful compilation is created for the greater good.
This is the guiding motto for the Ancestral Lullabies series.
Ancestral Lullabies 3 has gathered yet another amazing bunch of musicians, offering their tracks to soothe & lift our spirits, taking us to that place where empathy lights up the path for kindness and generosity to follow.
The goal for this 3rd release is to raise funds to help a small, amazing little house “Casuta Bucuriei” ( The House of Joy) here in Cluj/Romania; a house where orphaned kids get a new chance to grow in a “Home”. You can find out about this outstanding place here:¬†www.facebook.com/casutabucurieicluj/
All artists appearing on this V.A., the music, cover art & mastering of the tracks, all was done pro-bono so that the money gathered, can all be donated to Casuta Bucuriei.
We wish you to Enjoy the Music & Feel how blessed you are when you can help another <3 


Artist: Ancient Core
Release Date: 22/12/2018
Genre: Downtempo